about me

I like chocolate (far too much), yoga, dancing (I teach dance classes 3 times a week!) and I love to read when I get a chance. I wanted to be a vet when I was five, a journalist/author when I was thirteen, and a forensic scientist when I was sixteen. After discovering I had no patience or talent for science, I turned my attention to my arts. I had always loved reading, writing, dancing, drawing (although I’m terrible) and taking photos. On family outings, birthdays, and any special events, I was the unofficial photographer. I took my parent’s small point-and-shoot camera to friends houses and we’d have “photo shoots” – dressing up in our fanciest (read: gaudiest) clothes and smearing on makeup, we’d prance around our gardens and take photos like we knew what we were doing. I then started looking into it more seriously, and after matriculating, I went to study photography and design in 2010.

I studied, and was lucky enough to go to a photography & design school that focused on the practical skill, and not the theory. We got a chance to do every style and avenue of photography, and in doing that I discovered my love for photographing people. In 2011, I went on my own and got a couple of odd photography jobs. It was really rough trying to start a business with no idea of what I was supposed to be doing. (Thank goodness for my parents who put up with me!)

In 2012 I started working for a local photography company, and I got a chance to focus on my passion. I learned a lot and dealt with a lot of different aspects of running a business. I got to work alongside some amazing people who have become lifelong friends, and I learned so much about myself and my business. While working at the studio I got the opportunity to assist some amazing photographers, who all taught me so much. In 2014 I left to focus my attention on weddings, which I found to be a true passion. I loved everything about it – the moment the bride’s dad sees her for the first time, the nervous walk down the aisle, those tender moments in the couple session – and I got to curate it all!
And here we are. I have done more than 100 weddings to date, and I am looking forward to doing many, many more. I would love to photograph YOUR wedding, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have created an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where I answer some silly personal questions where you can get to know me better, as well as MY APPROACH where you can learn more about my photography philosophy as well as how I curate your photographs to be timeless heirlooms.

You can keep up with all my photography related things on Instagram and Facebook.

[photos by Claire Nicola]