Alma & Sam | Wedding | The Range | Tokai

My last wedding of 2019 took place at a favourite venue of mine – The Range, in Tokai. I don’t get to shoot here half as often as I’d like, but it’s always a treat when I do!

Alma and Sam’s wedding was so beautiful and personal that I really felt like I knew them intimately by the end of the evening. The family were all so involved in making their dream wedding day a reality and it really showed in all the little details of the day.

Alma got ready at a house near to the venue where I did bridal portraits and bridesmaids photos, and I met up with Sam outside the chapel which is on the property of The Range to photograph some groomsmen portraits. We did the wedding day a little differently, and if you’re a long time lurker of my blog (hello!) then you may notice that the photos are in an odd order because Alma specifically planned this to spend more time with her guests.

The ceremony was beautifully led by her brother, and accompanied by her sister playing the violin for some hymns. (told you this was a family affair!)

We split the couple shoot in two parts to get the best of both worlds, and again, minimize the amount of time spent away from the guests. We were rewarded with a lovely sunset and beautiful photos of the mountains and surrounds and I was very pleased with the decision to split the shoot up.

The reception was amazing, with so many people bringing their talents to the forefront and telling wonderful stories of Alma and Sam and their childhoods. The evening ended with a fun treasure hunt game set up by Alma’s mom and a “portrait session” where they each had to draw each other without seeing the canvas – it was of course, hilarious!

The final step for the evening was a first dance, which they executed flawlessly. It was a beautiful wedding day – enjoy the photos which I feel capture the essence of the day perfectly:

Are you having a wedding at The Range and you’re looking for a photographer? I would love to be considered! Send me a message!

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