Anita & Ferdi | Elopement | Anniversary Shoot | Koel Bay | Cape Town

Anita and Ferdi were set to get married in 2020… twice, and then once in 2021! Eventually they got fed up with waiting through restrictions and endless lockdowns and said “I do!” in their backyard with a small group of friends and family. 

Understandably, Anita and Ferdi were both incredibly disappointed in not being able to have the big white wedding they’d dreamed of, and especially the photos they were so looking forward to having together. 

Anita had reached out to me to ask whether we could transfer the wedding day booking to an anniversary shoot – but keep it a little more like an elopement! Anita had already booked and paid for her dress and hair and makeup, and so it was the perfect opportunity to put those all to good use and not let them go to waste.

Because we weren’t worried about time, or location, we could choose something beautiful, peaceful and take up the entire beach to do this shoot – and we did! It was one of those perfect 39 degree days we had in January and we took the opportunity to get the most awesome photos. 

We did a first look – Ferdi had never seen Anita in her dress before! – and then proceeded to pop champagne (twice) on the beach and just run around taking photos. 
It was truly the perfect day and the perfect way to celebrate the love that this couple share with each other. I am so glad that we could do this in place of the big wedding and still get beautiful photos and memories forever held dear to them! 



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