Arnold & Flo | Engagement | Gordons Bay Beach

Flo is the mom of one of my brides from many years ago, Tifny. So when Arnold called me to ask whether I was available for their wedding day, I was SO excited.
There is something really special about being “in” a family when it comes to photography. Tifny has recommended me to so many people, and I’m so blessed that somebody like her is in my corner.

Flo and Arnold came down to Cape Town for their engagement shoot and we had one evening to make it work. Gordons Bay is notorious for being extremely windy, and I was worried we’d run into problems. However, on getting there, it was the calmest day, and perfectly clear skies. The beach wasn’t busy, and we could get so many beautiful photos in the dunes and a bit in the water. Because lets face it, you don’t come all the way to Cape Town and then not stick your toes into the freezing water, right?

Their wedding was also absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to share those images with you all too!

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