Best photos of 2018

Each year I do a post filled with my favourite photos from the previous year. Now, this happens in the middle of wedding season in the Southern Hemisphere, so it doesn’t really cover an entire wedding season (which runs from September – June)

These photos aren’t necessarily representative of the??best photos of the year, but my favourites. Sometimes my favourite photo is one from a wedding is a total random shot of a glass of champagne. Sometimes the lighting lines up perfectly with a flower in a bouquet and I just feel the need to get a shot of that. It’s totally objective and my own opinion. I have definitely taken better photos than some of these, but sometimes the moment makes me love the photo so much even if it’s imperfect.

This year, I had a chance to up my game with some amazing new editing tools. This has saved me so much time with editing photos and I have gotten closer (to the ever moving goal) of what I love in photography. My style is still light and bright but I am leaning a little bit more to the film looking side of things these days. I love the tones of film photography and I’m especially starting to love the black and white film look – where it is slightly grainy and artsy. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, so I’ve kept it out of my professional work for now and stuck with my ever beloved classic black and whites.

Each year, my business grows in leaps and bounds and I am so thankful to all the wonderful people that help make that happen. First and foremost, to the clients who trust me with their wedding days.??THANK YOU.??This passion turned business couldn’t be possible without your support and faith in me. Second, to my boyfriend of 8 years, Dennis.??THANK YOU.??For the numerous cups of tea on rainy days to help get me through editing to being a sounding board for when I needed to talk??at somebody. I love you. And last, but not least, my assistants. Kelly-Anne, who has recently restarted her own company (check her out for family photography – she’s awesome!) and still tirelessly helps me at weddings after FOUR years!??THANK YOU.??Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and you are an integral part of my business now! Then, Lindsay & Lee-Ann who jumped in (with both feet!) to help on days when Kelly couldn’t.??THANK YOU. Your enthusiasm and willingness to help me is so so appreciated!


And so concludes my awards acceptance speech… 😉 Thank you to everybody who made 2018 memorable. Let’s make 2019 even better!







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  • Anria

    Lovely blog my beautiful friend. You are a truely a brilliant and talented photographer! It was an honour to have you be a part of my special day. So a large thank you, to you. If you love what you do, you will make a success there of.You are living proof of that! <3ReplyCancel