Best photos of 2019

Every year I do a post containing the best photos of the year, even though they’re not necessarily the best photos I’ve taken, but just my absolute favourites. Sometimes this means that the photo is a bit random but the light was nice or the moment was special and worth capturing.

2019 was a weird mixed bag for me (and I know for many others). I had some amazing highs (got engaged, yippee!) but I also had a bunch of lows.

But I will say that despite the hardships of 2019, I had the most incredible clients who made me feel at home at their weddings and in their homes. I have photographed the most beautiful moments from “I-do’s” to 70th birthday parties and every moment in between. I am lucky that I love my job as much as I do, and I truly believe that my clients are to thank for that. When people find out I’m a wedding photographer they always ask about “bridezillas” and I can honestly tell them that that doesn’t happen to me! I get the most chilled, kindest and real couples in front of my camera and for that, I am so grateful.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who trusted me with these amazing memories.  <3

Please enjoy my favourites, there are a lot of them, so grab some tea and settle down. (in no particular order…)

Have an amazing 2020!

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