Dylan & Lusharno | Engagement | Stellenbosch

I don’t even know what season we’re in right now, but I am so happy that there are these little patches of orange and yellow all over the trees, and brought this whole engagement shoot to life!
Lusharno was a bridesmaid for one of my previous brides – it’s always so exciting when you get a close referral like this. Fate? Kismet? Serendipity? Whatever you want to call it, I’d like some more of it please, universe!

When a photographer says “Meet me at this weird field on the side of the road” I’m sure most people would be very suspicious, but Dylan and Lusharno trusted in me fully and it totally paid off. They were absolute naturals in front of the camera and this leads to wedding day excitement that’s off the charts!
Here’s to counting down the days…

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