Georde & Gareth | Wedding | Helderberg Farm | Stellenbosch

You know how every little girl has this fantasy of being a princess, enchanted forests, fairy god parents and all the great stuff that comes with that? Well Georde lived it! She got to celebrate her marriage to Gareth in a beautiful forest on Helderberg Farm, surrounded by her friends (fairy god parents) and she got to be a princess for the day.
It’s no coincidence that Gareth also treats her like one! Having known each other for a lifetime (well.. nearly!) they fell in love and at the end of January got to start the latest chapter of their fairy tale!

I arrived at Georde’s house to photograph her getting ready and was so privileged to get some touching moments between her and her mom while her entourage dressed her and prepped her for her walk down the aisle. We took stunning bridal portraits, and whisked ourselves off to the church, where Gareth was nervously waiting for Georde.

The ceremony was touching and personal, and a few tears were shed. The next location was the forest venue, strung with fairy lights and a food truck just waiting to treat us to some deliciousness! We started speeches, which were touching, funny and downright emotional. When we saw the sun was in the perfect place for that beautiful glow, we hurried down the path and began their couple session.

Both Gareth & Georde were so at ease with being photographed and they made it the easiest job in the world. We were fortunate enough to have that perfect lighting which I think rounded out the entire couple shoot beautifully. Of course we had to sneak into a vineyard (sorry not sorry) to get some breathtaking shots of the Helderberg Mountain in it’s prime at sunset, and both Mr and Mrs were such troopers to “get the shot”

The night didn’t end there – there was their first dance, which was nothing short of spectacular. What else do you expect from two ballroom dancers? They twirled, chass??d, and stunned their captive audience with their intense and passionate first dance. It truly was something to behold!

Georde & Gareth – enjoy these photos. I wish you nothing but the best for all your future endeavors together. If they are half as successful and beautiful as the two of you are, you will be totally fine! <3


Venue: Helderberg Farm?? |?? Dress: Bridal Aisle?? |?? Hair & Makeup: Beauty Set?? |?? Cake: Phat Cakies?? |?? Photographer’s Assistant: Kelly Anne



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