Nina & Curtis | Engagement | Somerset West

Fate is weird sometimes and I’m always amazed at how people are all interconnected. Nina reached out to me about photographing her & Curtis’ upcoming wedding and let me know that she is a dancer too. Turns out I’ve seen her perform many, many times but seeing somebody in full costume on stage is so different from seeing them as a “real” person, so hadn’t connected the stage-Nina with the real-Nina.
Turns out both are absolutely delightful and wonderful people!

I feel so blessed to be able to engage with people like her and Curtis and learn a little more about them during the engagement shoot.
It then turns out that Nina and Curtis got my details from a previous bride, Keshia, who I had grown up alongside! They knew Keshia through work, and when my name came up Nina was like “wait, I know her! Sort of…”

Walking around and chatting felt like connecting with an old friend again. Nina and Curtis are so easy going and I think that’s evidenced in these gorgeous photos. Wedding day hopes are super high!

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