A Lifetime of memories

Family, Couples, Maternity and Engagements

No matter the where in life you find yourself, whether you're celebrating a recent engagement or cherishing the presence of your little ones, be they human or furry, this precious chapter of your life deserves to be immortalized through means beyond the lens of your phone.

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Location, Location, Location

I can recommend a lot of beautiful locations, whether it's mountains, sea or forest that you're after. It depends entirely on the feel and colour palette you'd like for your images.

I have a few special locations I like to offer to families and portrait sessions, with accessibility and safety in mind. 

What do we wear?

I have an excellent guide to send to you when you book with me that contains all the tips and tricks for what to wear. A short and simple answer would be not to wear bright colours, logo t-shirts and anything ill fitting. Instead, dress up (think fancy restaurant) with paired down neutrals to really make the most of your photos.

The Young and the Restless

Young children can be so much fun at photo shoots! The key is not to make them go on for too long. I have 30 minute options, which are perfect for the younger children, as well as 60 and 90 minute options for older children or big family reunions. I work quickly and carefully with the younger ones to make sure that we get those key photos early on in the shoot, and leave some time for play time and more candid shots.

The Delivery

All family and portrait sessions are delivered via a private digital gallery. This makes it easy to share with all members of the shoot, no matter where in the world they are.

Story telling Brand Photography

Branding for Professionals

If you have any kind of professional social media presence, you are in need of professional branding images. Whether that business is you as a service provider, or products, good photos make the most difference.

Why go for stock images that don't fit your brand, when you can have personalized images that suit your branding, your colours and most importantly - bring you and your unique brand to the forefront.

It's personal...

I work closely with all of my branding clients on discussing the vision they have for their photos, and how they will be used. I want you to get the most use out of your images, whether they are for social media posts or your website. 

Location Location Location

There are a multitude of locations that can be used for your personal brand session, whether that's a studio space or somewhere in the great outdoors.


Images that punctuate your "about me" pages and instagram introductions with a little more personality. I love to work with small business owners to create an ongoing library of photos to draw from. These images are yours to share on all business platforms including your website, social media, newsletters, advertising, public relations, blogs, print materials, and social media outlets.


For small businesses, having consistent product photos is a MUST. I work in my home studio to create both plain, white backdrop images as well as styled photos for sharing across all platforms. With bright, crisp images that are true to colour and a real representation of your product.