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Sansha called me earlier this year to ask if I would be willing to look at another photographer’s work. Initially I thought she was a photographer and wanted me to look at her portfolio, but after chatting for a little bit, she explained that she was a bride who had gotten married in December 2018 and had just received her photos back from her photographer. She was disappointed in the results and wanted a non-involved third party to take a look and give an honest opinion.
I said that I was happy to help, as long as she was happy with an honest response – whether that aligned with her own or not. She dropped the photos off with me later that afternoon.

I opened the folders on my computer and my heart sank. I saw hundreds of photos that were out of focus, motion blurred and repeats upon repeats of images that were blurred or taken at an odd crop or angle. I immediately made my way to the couple shoot album (the one I think people are most excited for!) and took a look. Out of 82 images, 8 were sharp and in focus. 8 images out of 82 that I would consider worthy of handing over to a client. This worrying trend continued into all of the folders.
I could see that the wedding day was a stunning one and both Sansha & Melwynn looked absolutely amazing as well as the décor and venue looking like a total fairytale.
This went beyond the style of the photographer; on a purely technical basis these photos were simply not good enough.

I chatted to Sansha a bit and found out that they had paid pro rates, done an engagement shoot with the photographer and looked at references online before booking with them. They had absolutely done their homework and were met with a total disaster.

I spent that evening in absolute shock and felt a need to help Sansha and Melwynn as much as I possibly could. Nobody deserves such horrible photos. A plan started to form!

The next morning, I went to my usual morning yoga class and saw Caroline from Eveningwear X-Change there and we got chatting. I told her the story and she was immediately on board with donating a dress to use for the day so that we could offer a reshoot to Sansha and Melwynn so that they could at least get some couple photos in wedding day attire.

When Sansha and Melwynn came around that afternoon to pick up the photos, I offered them a couple session in wedding attire, they just had to organise a suit and choose a venue.
Sansha contacted me and said that she had spoken to the wonderful coordinator at Ashanti Estate – their wedding venue – and they had agreed for us to use the venue grounds for a reshoot!

And so, we come to the end of our tale. We set a date for the shoot, organised a fitting with Caroline (who allowed us to use TWO dresses for the shoot!) and counted down the days.

I am so thrilled to be able to gift this shoot to Sansha & Melwynn. Two of the kindest, sweetest people I have had the privilege to photograph and who deserve the most beautiful photos! Although these photos don’t replace their wedding day, it does give them some beautiful new memories to look at and remember from their wedding venue.

A HUGE THANKS TO Caroline from Eveningwear X-Change and Nicola from Ashanti Estate for allowing us to make this all happen!


The couple received a refund from their photographer as well as the raw video footage, which is unfortunately also not up to standard. 
I will not be naming the photographer or their company.




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  • Edwina

    Alexandra, thank you for a wonderful gift to my niece and her husband. They are so deserving of these beautiful moments that you recreated for them. You have warmed our families hearts and appreciate you. May you and your business be blessed for many years to come!
    Edwina California, USAReplyCancel