Shakeela & Mohammad | Wedding | Cape Town

When Shakeela and Mohammed contacted me about their wedding I was instantly excited! I last photographed a Muslim wedding in 2011 – in fact, it was my first wedding ever! – where I second shot for another photographer. It was definitely a jump in the deep end because it was a culture and religion I was unfamiliar with in my day to day life. Mohammed and Shakeela prepared me beautifully by meeting with me before the big day and chatting about everything they wanted me to cover. Shakeela is a photographer herself and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to photograph her wedding – it’s obviously a huge thing to trust over for every bride but I think for another photographer it’s and even huger thing. (yes, huger isn’t a word! :D)

Their ceremony happened in the morning, and they had another photographer cover that for them. I came in with the portraits and the coverage of the reception. We met at Shakeela’s sister’s house where??Shakeela got ready (in the most beautiful room!) while we photographed all the gorgeous details. Mohammed came to fetch her and we went to the first of 3 (!!) couple shoot locations. I was in my element. We stopped in at a road in Bishop’s Court for the first shots, moved on to UCT for the second batch (and I think my favourites!) and Deer Park for the last batch of photos. Absolute professionals from start to finish, both Mohammed and Shakeela just LIT UP my screen and I couldn’t stop snapping away. They were so easy and my job was a breeze!

The reception was held at Ambiance in Landsdowne. Shakeela’s dad walked her down towards Mohammed where he lifted her veil and kissed her lightly on the forehead. It gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes – it was such a special and tender moment and so full of significance. The speeches were a true testament to the kind and generous nature that both Shakeela and Mohammed share and the people that spoke, spoke with such conviction and love in their hearts. It was a true joy to listen to.

I do have to bring special mention to the FOOD. The breyani was out of this world and so plentiful. I was so happy afterwards! Shakeela’s words were “We show our love through our food!” and that was certainly true, when at the end of the evening her mom urged me to sit down and have something to drink before heading home. And naturally, I was not allowed to leave without my very own package of food to take. (which I promptly ate the second I got home!)

Shakeela & Mohammed… you are both such special people and you are surrounded by so much love and support. Keep being YOU by bringing that enthusiasm and love into everything you do. You are both so amazing, and I feel so blessed to have been able to photograph your wedding. <3



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