Ullrich & Danielle | Engagement | Boschendal | Franschhoek

Danielle & Ullrich had an idea of doing something a little bit different for their engagement shoot, and asked if we could do an outride with horses somewhere. Immediately I was keen and suggested a few places that I know of that do outrides. They decided on Boschendal, which was absolutely an amazing decision.

We arrived at the location and chatted to the grooms/guides. They decided that I, too, should climb on a horse and join them for the outride and our guide had a very special location in mind for the photos. So, with my camera gear on my back, I hopped on an old mare and we made our way on a fantastic journey through the mountains.
Our guide wasn’t lying when he said that the location he had in mind was very special – it was absolutely breathtaking and spectacular all rolled into one. Danielle and Ullrich were champs for their photos and I look through them now and just get this excited, fluttery feeling for their upcoming wedding day. It is guaranteed to be something quite amazing.

I wish that I were more eloquent and could put into words how this shoot made me feel. Hopefully the images will do it justice!

(I can now also add “horse riding” to my photographic CV 😉 )

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